SOOOOOOO much to update on BHRR’s Moose yet for now I want to say WHAT a good boy he was when I had Sean hold him and I microchipped him tonight! YAY! MOOSE! NOW that is progress with his comfort zone in being handled and restrained. We shall see how that nail trimming will be and I am feeling much more confident that I shall be able to pull his blood myself with only Sean holding him so that I can get that HWT done before he is placed up for adoption and once I get to know him so much better. He needs more training too and we are getting there! HE gives me the best MOOSE kisses and I call him my ‘moosemouse’ and ‘mooseman’. The way he looks at me with those big brown eyes of his just melts my heart. He wants to trust and there has been huge leaps and bounds with his obedience. Vet Hospitals simply stress him out and his new adoptive home is going to have to understand and work with this and their Vet Hospital as well. His best of friends – well, in Moose’s mind at least is BHRR’s Lily Belle. HE just will not leave that poor gal alone and long after she is zonked and wanting to rest, he is right by her side, touching and kissing and drooling all over her. I also nicknamed him my ‘male Dana’ for he is one MONKEY boy at times!!! You tell him to lay down and then the next thing you see is him crawling across the floor to get back close to Lily Belle or a toy etc. WHAT a ham!!! THANKS being extended to Mary for offering to pay for his microchip as part of our 3rd ANNUAL Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser that is coming up on Sunday July 18th! AND this Fundraiser is for Cats and Dogs! He is fully housebroken now and YAY! AND his feet have healed really well including the wound under his chin. POOR sweetie. Pictures and more of an update to come soon!