I brought BHRR’s Apollo to see Dr. Liston tonight for a recheck. When I arrived, I meant to get a new weight on Apollo yet it did not happen. When BHRR’s Apollo did see Dr. Liston who came out to the reception area to greet us, Apollo was laying down and upon seeing Dr. Liston, he pivoted his body such that his back was turned to Dr. Liston and also turned his head away! IF that was not a snub!!!! OH MY! 😛 Dr. Liston ruled out all medical reasons why Apollo is not weight bearing on that leg of his. I had to continue Apollo on antibiotics for a longer period than originally planned as one spot on his leg became a bit inflammed and Dr. Liston feels that his leg has healed just wonderfully and in fact, one of the best that has done so in all the dogs that he has operated on for BHRR and us. The knee is solid and smooth and the ROM is wonderful and there is no physical reason why Apollo is not wanting to use his leg. I had called Dr. Liston earlier this week to discuss this for we have had many a past experience that due to sutures or staples the dog will not weight bear until they have been removed. Dr. Liston has also seen this often in the past yet usually with smaller dogs in his vast experience. To date, I have tried socks, hydrotherapy, tape on the good toes to see if I could get him to shift and also in trying to move his weight from one to the other with no success. Dr. Liston had no other suggestions that what we had discussed and tried and felt that I should continue him on the Deramaxx to see if maybe there still might be an uncomfortableness in him not wanting to use that leg.  I did have Apollo on the Deramaxx for last Saturday/Sunday he was running a bit of a fever as he was battling that bit of infection on a small area around some of his staples. When Apollo runs he can put BHRR’s Potter to shame as a tripod he is so good at just tucking up that one leg of his to either his belly or stretched out back YET he will not use it. From the moment I got him home after surgery, he would only place his tiptoes down and most often, he will not even do that. So, the challenge is on to find that ‘incentive’ trick to get him to begin to use the leg. I told Dr. Liston I was so sad to see how much muscle wasting that leg and hip has done since he had surgery and the more he does not use it, my concern is that the harder it is going to be when he begin to use it and what is this doing to his other knee. Yet, no cart before the horse and one day at a time! I was so pleased to hear how well Dr. Liston has said he had healed and how the incision looked! Anyone who has any resourceful ideas for Apollo, feel free to send them my way! I am soooo sorry Dr. Liston that BHRR’s Apollo does not wuvs you but I know he is so grateful for your assistance in giving him a better future and he shall be bringing in lemon merangue pies shortly.  😀 AND we cannot place BHRR’s Apollo up for adoption until such time as we have him not only using that leg yet packs on the lost muscle and regains some of the weight he has lost since surgery and had to be confined and on forced rest.