HQD wants to share some photo's just taken! 🙂 Well, she may not want them even taken but, they are awesome, so, I am posting! She continues to go on strong and, I am keeping my eyes peeled for more special blankets for her. That is her biggest pleasure plus comfort and after being denied almost 9 years of her life from spoiling and loving care, she is going to get them! So, please, if, anyone, knows of where I can find some 'Salma' blankets, let me know!

At the age of now over 10, the Dogo that we thought we were going to lose late last year, has bounced back from what I discovered was a nasty UTI and not her Cancer and, she is looking great, doing great and, making me proud. Well, maybe, not for the 'Boot Camp' part! LOL She now has BHRR's Ethel trying to get up on the couch…sigh….LOL

We keep working on those long nails and through time, they are getting much shorter plus, the years of abuse of her licking her feet and legs are slowly beginning to lessen with the stains of her saliva. Underneath is a beautiful soft and glorious coat of a clean white dog. 🙂

The first photo is of her sleeping and the next is when she opened her eyes as I 'disturbed' her rest with my iPhone to snap the pictures. HEE! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO expressive without even saying a word or making a sound.

photo 1photo 2
BHRR's Salma – May 15th, 2014