I still have a couple of blog posts with some photo's to add from November and December of 2013 yet, his blog journey is almost all utd now! 🙂 BHRR is very different than other groups, for you shall not find just a short bio on each dog. You will have as many photo's, video's and updates that we can post on their journeys' plus CHAIN OF SUCCESS stories here!

On Saturday May 3rd, BHRR's Groves came to PV Hazeldean with me to help with community education plus public awareness. He had not been to an event since November 30th, so TIME! 🙂 GOSH! Another immense hit with the public! OMG! Immense! He really impressed many with his manners, and his kindness plus gentle soul. 🙂 NO longer that terrified baby that first arrived to BHRR.

He is now 9 months of age.  AND, the topic by a couple yesterday was 'just what is his breed or breeds?' AND, I continue to say 100% adorable…GD, most likely with those legs, boxer? yup, possibly….Neo?, with that neck, sure why not…Cane Corso?, yup, another possibility. It honestly does not matter to me. What matters most is that the right home is out there for him and, finds him.

He had a very busy weekend for today, he had his special picnic date with the generous soul who won a date with him from our annual 1-on-1 special BHRR date online auction. He had a nice walk, was nervous of their stairs to the yard yet, the home got that all figured out and, had a nice long lazy rainy day nap. 🙂 He helped me make the picnic lunch and, thank you to the HOME for giving him this very positive experience and, being part of his CHAIN OF SUCCESS story! 🙂 He did fabu with their other dog, yet, as most are aware, dogs are very social when coming from BHRR! 😉

He remains available for adoption and we will only place him in that right matched forever loving home. A home that shall not enable him and, one that shall not let him slide on his manners and excellent behaviour. A patient, consistent, loving and dog experienced home.

Below are two photo's from his date today!

photo 3 photo 4
BHRR's Groves – May 4th, 2014 with Bentley & Isabelle