Here is a blog post made recently made by the kind person who won the special date with BHRR's Angel Noelle's from her Breaking Bills Baking online auction. This picnic date was held on March 2nd, 2014.

Post can be read HERE!

She was at PV Hazeldean on Saturday for our 2nd Community Education/Public Awareness Event of 2014 and, as always, a very popular girl! She just keeps getting better and better AND, this time, she had very little worries about leaving with either one of the two BHRR approved Volunteers that came to assist that day! OR, with another person who visited, who had adopted from us in the past.

Next up for her is the special date won by the family from our 3rd ANNUAL 1-on-1 Date Auction! The family drove all the way from Orleans on Saturday to visit us at PV Hazeldean and, were so wonderfully surprised to find that BHRR's Angel Noelle was also in attendance. What a lovely family! Just lovely!