I took out BHRR’s Lily Belle’s spay sutures on Saturday. She was a ‘gold’ star pupil and even put herself on her back and was very relaxed. Sean and Mason were not sure what to do with themselves, she was so awesome! LOL YET, when I went to do her nails(the last time her nails were done here was when she was under for her spay on June 1st), she was not so ‘keen’ yet we worked through it wonderfully and she received her praise plus a treat as her reward. 😉 She is still more thin that I would like to see and so, we shall continue working on that weight gain and hopefully, within the next couple of weeks; she shall be placed up for adoption! She sleeps out of her crate at night and we are still crating her if we are gone from the home longer than a couple of hours as she is still very much a puppy, one that is not quite ready to have free and total run of the house! She will require a home that is going to stay on top of her regular grooming for I am taking matts out of her more often than I am from our Newfs. She LOVES to be brushed and the biggest ‘matt’ areas are her lower tummy and behind her ears. To date, under her chin and on her neck have been great. Loving having her here and the size of her noggin(I am a huge headpiece person) just makes me want to smooch her often, which she does not mind at all! LOL I have added a new picture to her slideshow #9 from today and am putting in below too. She is a real beauty this Saint!

BHRR’s Lily Belle – Just under 9 months of age – June 14th, 2010