Jessica Foote, Ottawa, ON

Hi there,
Sorry for the late hour but I felt that I couldn’t wait to send you an email 🙂 . I wanted to offer my help in any way possible. I work for the City of Ottawa. I have my own rescued animals and have always been an avid supporter of rescuing animals in need… as I do so quite often from local pounds. I would like to offer my vehicle in any transportation situations you need. Although there may be obvious times that I am not available; the times that I am, I would like to help.
I have read the stories about your Danes and all of them have touched me in some way. Thus leading to my current “surprise” that I am putting together/working on for your large family. I also have toys, blankets and a large dog crate that I would like to donate (and can deliver).
Anyway, to some it all up, I’m basically saying that I would really like to become an avid helper/volunteer and would like to know what it is *at all* that you need help with.
I hope to hear from you soon and I do really hope that there is something that I can do to help.
Thank you for your time
Jessica Foote