BHRR's Maverick is headed off for another play date on Saturday! We shall see how this one goes and, if it is goes as well as his last one, he may be one step closer to making his own special announcement! If not, he is scheduled for another play date the following Saturday and, we will go from there.

I want to see more weight on him….and, he is being so not co-operative in getting that weight on him! GOOBER! Praying for a good weight day on Saturday!

I am still holding off on that reality slide of his until he makes his special announcement post! 🙂 I know there shall be cheers galore from so many! He has quite the fan club! 😉 🙂

He really makes me so proud – the kanga-dane that came in with zero manners – to a really well adjusted and well mannered – even for a goober head! – boy. 🙂 He is high maintenance and any possible future adoptive home will need to be made aware that he has zero interpersonal space and expects you to be the same! LOL

Our play date, play visit and day trip Visitation Program at BHRR remains such an integral part of the CHAIN OF SUCCESS here! THANK you to each person that makes this possible.