BHRR's Reese is headed off to her possible future adoptive home on Saturday, this time for a two night overnight stay. I will get her back on Monday. At that time, we will have a discussion with the home as to 1) if BHRR's Reese needs more time with a transitional adoption and 2) if the home, is even still interested in moving forward with said adoption.

I feel it is a good match home, yet this is a very special needs Dobie and, I want the home to be really aware of what they are getting themselves into(AND, I know they have been so honest and upfront themselves with us also) and, this time has been so good for all of us involved, no rushing, no pressure to see if this is meant to be. The home loves her, what is there NOT to love, yet, I have complete respect for their own candor in wanting to be sure that they own dogs and current lifestyle etc., is of benefit not to just BHRR's Reese yet, their own home.

This has been a wonderful transitional adoption experience process to have gone through and, at the end of the day, BHRR's Reese will have had more beautiful memories and loving hands to have helped continue her growing along this great development journey she has had, from when she first arrived under our authority.

Will update her blog as I can!