BHRR’s Lily Belle safely began her transport to BHRR today. The feedback from everyone has been awesome! The Pet Centre said she was such a ‘sweetie’ and I am posting below something from the wonderful Volunteer that is temp fostering Lily Belle overnight AND this home has 4 other dogs, so good news with the dog interactions with Lily Belle:

Gwen, I am overnighting Lily Belle and just love her. She is just the sweetest girl. I have an acre fenced and we had a blast running and playing.



AND this is what one of the Volunteers who met her today had to say about BHRR’s Lily Belle:

I so so so wanted to take Lily Belle home with me! OMYGOSH she is just the sweetest thing, and when I was running with her I was just totally in love! I didn’t get to drive her, which maybe is for the best….


Here is one of the photos taken from her transport today by Peg in the Celina, OH to Findlay, OH transport transfer. I have added three pictures to her slideshow and one of them is with a dog named ‘Bright’ that is also on this transport going to another reputable/quality Rescue.

BHRR’s Lily Belle on her transport to BHRR – May 15th, 2010