On my way to do Barkley’s hv today, I stopped by The Wag Pet Shop to drop off some things for tomorrow(all tips on May 16th will come to BHRR to help BHRR’s Ava Marie) and Barkley had a great social time there! He even met a dilute Blue Doberman puppy. From there, he went with my son(my HV partner for today)and I to PetSmart on Innes Road in East Ottawa and he just LOVED those skinny pigs there! To some people, I almost felt like I do when I have my Great Danes around some people for a few were really nervous of Barkley and made a wide berth around him and that was so unfortunate and wrong. Barkley is a loving boy and he has NOT met a person or dog he has not yet loved! After the PetSmart visit, off to do Barkley’s hv for this pending adoption and I cannot state enough how PROUD I am of Barkley. This is why I work so hard to train/rehabilitate dogs and why I have my Masters’s in Animal Behavour AND why I am currently working on my PhD in the same discipline for Barkley PROVED to be impeccable with his recall, obedience with sitting and taking treats gently PLUS sharing water bowls etc.. He did not do one grump, growl or resource moment even when one or two of the other dogs in attendance there did themselves to him. He handled the homes’ areas of hardwood floors really well. He was very ‘brave’. I had another long conversation about proper food for Barkley and why he should have a super premium kibble if he cannot be fed RAW; that he will need his HW Preventative beginning on June 1st as I gave him his May Sentinel and that his HWT was negative; the size of crate minimally he should have etc. I did receive a comment about how short Barkley’s nails are and I joked that I am a bit of a nail nazi yet also discussed the importance of why his nails should be really short – minimizes risk of injury of a nail getting caught while playing; helps get Barkley over his ‘terror’ of having them done as he gets tons of love and treats; important to be able to handle his feet should he hurt himself – especially important to those of us that work at animal hospitals and that another reason is that with very long nails; I have seen many a broken or deformed toe. We also talked more about the ‘sharing’ and NILIF training and that I do not desire to see all the hard work that not just I but Barkley has put into his training plus emotional rehab to go backwards. He proved to me yet again today HOW far he has come in such a short time and I am also just loving the muscle mass he is putting on! He is about 12 pounds or so from when he first came to BHRR and is looking really good. We do not want him fat or skinny, just right! I told the home that I felt most content with this adoption proceeding and that they could let me know what their thoughts were and I would leave to go home with Barkley to give them some privacy to discuss and they told me they want him and there was nothing to think about! 😉 Once they are all set up for Barkley’s; they will contact me and we shall co-ordinate a mutually convenient time and I indicated that they could also pay his adoption fee at that time as I was not worried in their being committed to him. I am so happy for you BHRR’s Barkley and I am sure going to miss your ‘wet nose in my ear kisses’, the bumping of my elbow as I try to type on the computer and I know that in time; you will feel most comfortable without fear of rejection in asking for that same love from your new family! I will miss rubbing your ‘special’ spot under your chin, your ‘Dobie’ whine if I walked too far away from you and I will miss seeing you just blossoming to your full potential under the right guidance and love. What I might not miss so much is your 3 AM squeaking of your CUZ toy! LOL Saying good-bye is never easy and my dear ‘Sparkly’ Barkley ‘Boo’ you have touched me really deeply! ADOPTED!