I have BHRR's Porridge's x-rays and shall post them shortly and, I want to update all on his 6th Birthday that happened on Sunday!

Yet, I wish to make this post to say that, I have thought and re-thought everything over, reviewed and re-reviewed all of his tests, yet, again to date, and, I feel the need(after further research and conversing even more with his Vets and Specialists) etc., to ask again some questions(I have two in mind right now plus to ask another Point of View one) and discuss other things…once again…in more depth. I just feel I have to re-visit this and have, what most likely shall just be repeated discussions yet, I look at him and, I am not feeling anywhere near any kind of 'acceptance' and 'understanding' of him dying and with how aggressive all of this has come on. 🙁 🙁

I am most likely going to be going down the 'broken record' and 'beating the dead horse' path, yet, I feel strongly, that I need to break all of this down again step by step and piece by piece. I want to be as objective as I can, yet, who am I kidding…I am object with a subjective 'twist' in quite a few ways….we have been together for so many years….