BHRR's Treasure was at the Vet today for his x-rays of his hips and Sean dropped him off. Sean said he took him right to the back and, he did not get a weight. BAD Sean! 😉 I have been trying to see who may have gotten his weight for, the last weight I have for him is 112.64 pounds and, he is at least 10 pounds more than that now. I was not aware when I arrived for my own shift that he had not been weighed……I like to keep a good record of these dogs rehab journeys. 🙂

Per his Vet today on the 6 views of x-rays taken:
'Looks pretty good. No concerns at all. No degenerative joint disease in joints. Not perfect. yet, about 70% – 80% coverage acetabulum in the femoral head, which is pretty decent. Everything looks pretty good. Could not get hips to luxate when he was sedated and he is such a nice dog!'

I also talked to his Vet re: why he could possible 'swim' on the floor to get his feet under him regardless of surface and his vet said that BHRR's knees and back also looks great, no concerns at all and, as to 'why', maybe because BHRR's Treasure can?! SIGH!….yup, that would be him! Mr. Trouble! I told him that he had been on Deramaxx as I did not like the stiffness and due to how straight his hind legs are and lack of rear angles, explains the stiffness – yet, could just be natural based upon his physical make-up as the x-rays prove that there is no underlying medical cause to warrant the NSAIDS and, there does not seem to be any real medical need for him to have any Deramaxx at this time…..

Soooooooooooooo, a Vet bill that was so worth taking on and being PROVED wrong!!!! Gladly, will take that badge of HONOR if it means that by showing continued proper due diligence that, the ONLY thing 'wrong' with BHRR's Treasure is………NOTHING! LOL LOL Just 'who' he is……..

So, big sigh of relief!!! THIS is not to say that he would not develop any problems as he ages, BUT not right now…..he just likes to 'swim'….BHRR's Autumn lives on! LAND-SHARK! 🙂

Below are four of his 6 x-rays and, two of being at KAH and going under sedation for his x-rays. THANKS Chels for the photo's. She also sent me one of him and a really small 'heart' shaped poop pressie he gave us, yet, I do not think people want to see that! 😉

Any, approved adoptive home that is the right match fit for him, can have a disc of these x-rays put on them and, they will be attached to his file.

Gosh, he was sooooooooooooooo loved at KAH today! HUGE HUGE HUGE hit! 🙂

He also had a mani/pedi. 🙂

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BHRR's Treasure – April 1st, 2014 – spine, hips, knees & back x-rays

Treasureapril120141 Treasureapril120142
BHRR's Treasure – April 1st, 2014 – Getting sleepy and then 'OUT FOR THE COUNT' 🙂