I was trying to take pictures this AM of BHRR’s Albert and BHRR’s Barkley outside in this rare glorious sunshine and neither one wanted to be ‘still’ and co-operate! LOL Yet, after Alberts’ customery 2.5 – 3 hour AM zooming and romping in the fenced in area; he was lying in his crate and I managed to sneak this one in. Though, from the look on his face, I do not think I ‘snuck’ anything by him! 😉 He almost alway has this ‘perpetual’ look of worry in his eyes yet it is becoming less and less. You can see the scars on his face from some sad ‘encounters’ in his past life. I have told Albert that there shall not be any more pain in his life, only pleasure and comfort. We are still looking for approved Volunteers per Albert’s May 12th blog for some day trips or play dates for him. DON’T you just love that white face of his!

BHRR’s Albert – 7+ years of age – May 13th, 2010