The BHRR purse puppies of Coach and Chanel have their alters scheduled for April 9th. I had a discussion with two of the Vets re: BHRR's Coach re: his heart and the safety of neutering him.

Both agree that as this is a neuter, not a spay and that he is not recommended to be on meds, at this time with his heart, that it is safe. Yes, a bit riskier than if he did not have the heart condition yet, if there is any problem, we can use Lidocaine.

Below are two photos' from my time away and, it has taken awhile yet, Coach is figuring out that outside is a grand place to romp and play and pee! 😉 It is all I can do to get him to come in and warm up and think about having water! AND, dear Chanel is forever still just romping fearlessly out in the 3+ acreage, causing me to have more gray hairs…..if she, finds herself in snow too deep, and, does not want to expend any more energy, she just sits and waits for me….just knowing that I will 'save' her….little diva! AND, when, I get there she gives me a look to say 'about time!' HQD would be proud! 😉

Sean keeps saying that he would LOVE to keep BHRR's Chanel yet, no…. 😉 She does not need us and our own home is full of life already. Our oldest shall be 10 in June and, if it, it was really felt that she needed us, then yes…but, she really does not…she has just bombed along with her journey with us!

About two weeks, after their alters, they will be making their own special announcements! 🙂

They will not be adopted together. Another, bonded pair that is best separated. I allow them to sleep together and eat together, yet, they have trips and time away from each other, that includes training sessions and each, of them has been growing into very lovely individual personalities and, making their own friendships! 🙂

BRRH 2014 March 064 BRRH 2014 March 074
March 13th, 2014 – NAP time in an xpen – one they now only use to eat in for they have outgrown it!
*photo's courtesy of S. Dowler