It is hard to believe that the TIME has come! It has been a remarkable and beautiful journey with this wee ‘giant’ of an ANGEL! 🙂

She first came on my radar on December 24th, 2013 and, with ALL those that stepped up to help BHRR help her, SHE has a very exciting announcement to make! BHRR’s Noelle(this is what we call her), is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! 🙂

She came to the PV Stittsville nail trim/grind event on Saturday March 22nd and ROCKED it! She went ‘relatively’ willingly with other people – THANKS Tanya for taking her out for that poop! 😉 AND, she continued to demonstrate how much she adores kids! Bryson – about 3.5 years of age – took her leash and like a pro walked her and ran her 😉 around the store! She was a willing participant in all of his mischievous shenanigans! LOL As people have continued to remark, she is very bonded to me and, I keep working on her getting into the hands of other trusted folks to get her to ‘let go’ a bit.

When I arrived home last Tuesday from being out of the country, she would not let me get an inch between her and me! LOL Photo below of her and my beloved PPSS snuggling in welcome to me in coming home! I live a very blessed life as do those of all of our approved temp fosters! We now have 14 of our dogs in amazing approved temp foster homes! 🙂 We could not do what we do without them! Most of these homes have temp fostered for us before and many are also previous approved adoptive homes! 🙂 CHAIN OF SUCCESS! 🙂 Quality all the way! 🙂 People out there helping us to do things the right way and in r/q rescue for all the right reasons. 🙂

BHRR’s Angel Noelle received her final booster at KAH on Saturday and her weigh was 17.2 KGS(37.84 pounds). She was a tiny bit taller when I arrived home and is in FABU body condition! No fat or chunky monkey any longer and with the additional height and growing – she will be 9 months next week – is in fantastic health! The Vet that did her DAPP booster remarked how far she has come! She was once terrified of him yet, not this time…she just did her ‘pretty sits'(I have been working with her on these to help build up her the muscles plus strength in her back legs) and did her perfect ‘sit and stay’ and also, went on her back legs and put her paws on his waist ‘trying to tell him that she needs more treats!’ LOL

This girl has touched SO many all over and, she can go to a home that has at least one other dog(I would love this) that is a right personality fit dog, or be an only dog BUT I want to know that she has a great social network of doggie friends that she will see regularly FOR she will NOT want to share her owner – she can be sneaky about how she resources for she will wedge herself between you and another human or dog and ‘pretend’ it was all innocent…she does that in order to get treats too….’Wait, I did not get one yet…do not forget about me?’ she will say with those eyes… LOL

She is not a wallflower….she will need an experienced home that will not allow her to run the house OR you will be sleeping on the floor and her, on the bed! 😉 She is crate trained and, I rotate allowing her to sleep out of the crate or in the crate to help keep her mindful that she is not “QUEEN’ of all. She will often even go into her crate in the middle of the night, on those nights she is allowed out, and just sleep.

She is fearless! She is brilliant and would make an great obedience partner yet, people do have to be mindful that she is a tripod and should not be pounding around and, this does not mean that she should be carried and not allowed to run and run for hours. Just watch the pavement and bad surfaces and slippery surfaces and let her rest when she needs to. She should not be coddled or babied or pitied or put in a glass bubble. She does NOT feel sorry for herself and neither should anyone else. She is a very active girl and has become so strong. She bombs along in our three plus acres of fenced in yard and plays, and jumps and is very resourceful in figuring our puzzles and getting what she wants. THAT face is irresistible to many and, as I have said in the past ‘DO NOT LOOK INTO THE EYES FOR LONG!’ 😉 You will be swept away. Her eyes are stunning….just so intelligent, gorgeous and the trust she has placed in me, just humbles me to my core.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, is semi-retired or retired. She has had has a tendency to want to chase cats yet, she has gotten better and with more training, proper integration/exposure, and maturity on her part, she could well do great.

I could count a million and one ways of how MUCH I love and adore and respect and admire this girl…..and, to any home that proves to be that right matched one for her, YOU are getting a precious gift…..when BHRR’s Noelle gives you her heart…she will be giving you what feels like the world!

We are about $500 short to finish paying of her bills AND, if anyone may consider her cause, we would be so grateful!!! I had to list ALL of her angels again FOR without YOU, we would not have been able to do what we did for her! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 🙂 We know who you are and, are eternally grateful! 🙂


A file is set up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of ‘Birch Haven Rescue’ for ‘Angel Noelle’. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services C/O Gwendilin Boers 2425 Totem Ranch Road West RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the ‘gift’ option OR the ‘friends and family’ option) OR we shall have to pay service charge fees. :(

BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Christmas Miracle Angels  $4,490.60* donated to date & Final Bills are now estimated at over $5,000+
*Before PayPal fees
Andrea – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
Anna – From her choosing BHRR as one of her selections on a Postcard Draw she hosted
Evan, Sevia, Alexa & Liam – PayPal took $2.04 in fees
Anne – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Auction Winners from an online Auction that Anna hosted and BHRR was the benefactor on those items
Colin – PayPal took 1.17 in fees
Jillian – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Dawn S
The Beach Group – PayPal took $1.03
Jan – lovely pink leash
Tianna & Kiki – Party – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
PVAR through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring -PENDING
Rosa through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Carinne though YouCaring – PENDING
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.45 in fees
Kassie & Kailyn through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Alice through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Luanne through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
DawgBlogger through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.53 in fees
Sandra through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
Skittles and Potter – PENDING
Jan Geoffrey – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Simone – PayPal took $4.65 in fees
Mason – Allowance
Kinsley – Allowance
Wendi  through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.03 in fees
Brian through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
GDR through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
Anonymous through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.59 in fees
Barbara through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.75 in fees
Heather H. through YouCaring – PayPal took $1.46 in fees
Samantha through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Mylene through YouCaring – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Jacqueline & Dantry Danes
Dawn Again
Millie, the Newfoundland Dog through YouCaring – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Breaking Bills Bake Online Auction – $789.00
Tianna – special blanket
Online Auction on FB by Winners/Donators on Anna’s Page
Wendi – Spare Change
PV Stittsville February 15th Nail Trims/Grinds & BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s ‘KISSES 4 KASH’

BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Wish List:
$ towards Vet bills
Dog Bed Packing
Blankets/Sleeping Blankets
Smoked Dino Bones
Dog FOOD – FROMM Whitefish or Salmon
Bath Mats

**IF I am forgetting any of her ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

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March 2nd, 2014 & March 18th, 2014