BHRR’s Canvas has a very very very exciting announcement to make! HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE DID IT!

It has been a very long and so rewarding journey of rehabilitation for this incredible boy! YET, he did it! The patience, time, consistency, routine, heart, love, obedience and experience, education plus knowledge of dog behaviour/training has PAID off! HE is finally ready to say ‘I AM AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!‘ 🙂 In fact, he is woofing it loudly! 🙂 No dog at BHRR is going to be placed up for adoption before they are ready. It is not about bringing them in and pumping them up and ‘hoping’ that an adoption works out….

It is about doing it the right way each and every time and, for those that truly are there for BHRR, they ‘get this’, they ‘support’ this and, they think this is the BEST way that a r/q Rescue should be operating. 🙂

While I was out of the country, we had 11 folks come in and out(up to 3/4 each stayed day here) and, he did AWESOME! This was his final test! 🙂 🙂 He will never be that ‘fluttering social’ butterfly yet, he is social and, affectionate and, if you give him time, a ‘village idiot’ and a ‘class clown’ and, he will warm up and if you, just be patient, avoid the eye contact, you will get a new best friend. His windmill wags of happiness were noted by many while I was away and, YAY! 🙂 To those that did not pressure or push him, they were deeply rewarded into a world of such a magnificent creature.

This was the Dane seen in the videos’ at the shelter, cowering under a desk…he came to BHRR and from that very first night, I got major tail windmill wags and, he went from hiding out in the 3+ acres of fenced in yard when people came over, to being in the house and, around yet, not too close, to coming up and bumping people with his nose, to quietly standing by their side and, then now, asking for love over the time he has been here! YES! YES!

BHRR’s Canvas, YOU are why we are here! YOU are why we are needed and YOU are why, I do what I do and continue to do it! 🙂

Here is a Video from March 12th taken by the ever lovely BHRR Approved Adopter and BHRR Volunteer, Bre! 🙂 She wuved him and her him!

VIDEO – MARCH 12th, 2014 – CANVAS

I would love to see him in a home with at least one other like minded dog(male or female, does not matter) that shall continue to shape and carry him on the strong foundation built at BHRR. We would like to see a home within 2 hours of our location as, I want to do a transitional adoption – a few visits with me, a few visits without me, an overnight and, either a weekend overnighter and, then a drop-off and stay….for those homes that we have done this to in the past with, they will support and stand up and affirm why this is so integral to a chain of success ending for the home and the BHRR canine.

AND, as always, we are not in a rush. The right matched home with either find him or, he is already living a great life with so many human and, canine and also horse, 3 demanding gpiggers and one snake friend(s)! 😉

He can go to a home that works full time or part-time, at the house, or out YET, he must go to a home that understands not to put him in a glass bubble, feel sorry or pity for him and set him up for SA behavours. He is crate trained and, that is his safe spot.

SO, we do not necessarily want a Dane experienced home BUT, we are looking for an experienced dog home that shall continue to make him the best dog he can be. He has become very social with his circle of success friends and, we want to see that expand….and grow.

I am not sure how he is with cats. As with anything, integration would be key. He is wonderful with the gpiggers and snakes and all dogs of all sizes that he has met to date.