On Tuesday March 4th, BHRR’s Purse Puppy Chanel went in for a re-weigh, recheck and her boosters! She now weighs 13.8 kgs(29.92 pounds!) She has put on 11 pounds in just shy of a month! 🙂 HARD to believe that she weighed 3 pounds at 6 weeks of age. 🙁 Her heart, coat, body condition and lungs are awesome and, she was feisty and curious and a bossy bit of goods! LOL She is so high maintenance and nonstop action!

Sean says that if he were looking for a new addition, he would want to keep her!

Next step is her spay and this shall be done either in end of March or early April. I want her at least 6 months of age first. AND, after she recovers from her spay, she will have an exciting announcement to make! 🙂

She also wants to thank Auntie Penny for the loving! 😉