BHRR’s Torque had another exam last night to see how his lungs etc. were doing and he has finally kicked the pneumonia to the curb!!!! YAY!

He now weighs 32.6 KGs(71.72 pounds) @ 5 months of age and, that once very unsure and worried boy crawled into the lap of the male vet at KAH and asked for snuggles and loving and wagged his happy tail! 🙂 YES! YES! He has put on 14.96 pounds in just 19 days!

The next step is for his neuter and I will not do that this young. When he is 6 months, so, as to not hold up any possible approved adoption, we shall do what we still consider to be a pediatric neuter on him. My preference personally plus professionally is to alter between the ages of 12-18 months of age and to spay around 11 months of age, before a heat. Yet, to hold on to a highly adoptable giant that long, is not something we will do. He shall not have need of me much longer and, it will be great for whomever that right matched forever loving home to find him and adopt him! 🙂

He is such an ‘old’ soul in so many ways…..AND, I am still not 100% convinced that he may not be 100% pure byber GD. Who knows…..lord knows, that BHRR’s Bloom proved me wrong(100% teacup GD she turned out to be!) and I have several decades of experience with this breed! 😀

He is such a doll! 🙂