I almost never thought I would say this yet BHRR’s Albert has become a bit of a turkey! LOL He is such a morning boy and his zipping and zooming has really made me look hard at him FOR you would never know that he was 7+ years of age! LOL I am adding a new picture to his slideshow # 15 and I am also going to post it below for look at that face! HE is smiling! SMILING! Come May, I would like to begin having the BHRR play dates, day trips and play trips for the BHRR dogs and I am hoping that some of our approved BHRR Volunteers will consider taking BHRR’s Albert out for it is the ‘strangeness’ of the whole big scary world out that that holds me back from putting him up for adoption. He is like night and day between our home and family and when strangers come or when he is out in public. I am hoping to bring him to our upcoming regular GD Hike/Walk scheduled for this weekend to see how he does. If he does as well as I could hope he might; then he shall be soon ready to be placed up for adoption, if not, no rush and we shall continue to take our baby steps forward in healing his spirit and not just his body. LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy! When the weather warms up, we shall bathe him again and this week is our bi-weekly BHRR ‘nail trim conveyor belt’ event and we shall try and get those nails of his trimmed further back and to train those quicks to not be so long.

BHRR’s Albert (7+ years) – April 12th, 2010