BHRR’s Barkley is healing just wonderfully from his obstruction surgery on April 1st and we continue to thank everyone who has assisted him to date with his BEGGING FOR BARKLEY Fundraiser! I am adding 2 pictures below from April 10th, 2010 and I have so many yet to put together for his slideshow. His sutures were subcutaneous yet you can see how well his incision is looking! Tonight, BHRR’s Barkley is going to help make a TON of homemade cinnamon buns; so that I can bring them into the Hospital with me tomorrow to THANK all the great staff that I work with that pulled together to save his life. It cannot be said enough, what a miracle story Barkley is! He could really use some more financial support to finish paying off his extensive Vet/Rehab Bills and on behalf of BHRR’s Barkley, I humbly thank everyone in advance for your consideration.

BHRR’s Barkley (2.5+) – April 10th, 2010