BHRR’s Aslan says he is ready to make his BIG announcement! HE is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!


He can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired or retired. He is another very versatile BHRR Dog! 🙂

He will need a home that will be patient with him in new surroundings, especially with men, and, treats will be your biggest ally. He may not take the treat from the ‘stranger’ yet, with every offer and conversation had with a stranger with him around, he will get that much better. He wants to be loved and he does not want to be nervous, yet, he can still have a moment or two of being unsure and worried and how you handle things, is how he will react. You use a quiet ‘calm’ or ‘safe’ word and ‘touch’, and, then passively ignore, he is just fine.

He is not worried with all men, yet, every once in awhile, he can still be a bit concerned. He has DONE so well in this area, and, where he is now, it is something that can continue to be fostered via great experiences, being set-up for success with his right matched forever loving home. If pushed, his reaction is to run away. He is ready to take this next step and has done really great on all of his play dates plus play visits to date.

For those that have inquired about him being a guard dog, BHRR does NOT adopt out guard dogs. This dog is going to go to be adopted to a right matched forever loving home that will positively build upon the strong foundation created at BHRR to continue making him the best dog he can be….AND, he is one mighty fine boy! 🙂

He is soooooooooooooooo affectionate and can be very playful outside. He is always so happy to see me and, it makes my heart just blip. 🙂

He can go to a home with another dog that is that right matched personality fit – male or female does not matter and he, has gotten along with every dog he has met to date. He was a bit leery of the BHRR Purse Puppies yet, now, he is more fascinated with them and, does avoidance when they come by with their wee shark teeth. 😉 OR, he can be an only dog yet, he would have to live in an area where there was an excellent doggie network for him as just as we need our own social circles, he should too for his mental welbeing and happiness.

He has proven 100% reliably trustworthy in our home and is housebroken.

It has been such a delight to have this boy be with us! 🙂