BHRR Koop weighed 39.80 KGs(87.78 pounds) when Sean dropped him off this AM. Unfortunately, the poor soul had diarrhea in his run. 😥 Additionally, he did not want to go under with our new anaesthetic machine yet after switching him to our old one, he went to la la land just fine. One of our BHRR Volunteers, dropped by KAH to pick up her winning baskets plus to drop off the baskets they put together to donate to this Basket Raffle Fundraiser and she was able to witness his whole neuter! 😀 If she had stayed longer, she could have helped me as I moved to the back to assist with IV lines, Urine via Cysto/US and SubQ fluids! Maybe she will come back another day! 😉 Now, he is home resting and within the next couple of weeks should be placed up for adoption. Those that met Koop when I first got him and then again today, were really impressed with how far this boy has come in one week. We have virtually ‘zero’ pulling on the leash now! 😉 I wish to also thank profusely the two people that are sending donations for BHRR’s Koop as they feel that what Julie Lebrun has done was just shameful plus dishonourable. They wish to not see BHRR stress out any more over this and to avoid having to put any more costs into this situation than has already been incurred. This is in the hands of our legal and I leave it up to them to make the ‘right’ call yet as many know, we at BHRR are not impressed and though we still maintain the status quo for assisting shelters, pounds, SPCA’s etc. with no fees charged as they are as desperate for funding as BHRR yet we will no longer waive the o/s fee for owner surrenders.