I called today to confirm BHRR’s Koop’s neuter for tomorrow and to obtain his heartworm results. He is negative for heartworm and we are confirmed for tomorrow. Sean will bring him in and I shall be there to take him home once my own shift at the Hospital is over. While he is under anaesthetic, he shall have a manicure plus pedicure! One of my Vets called to say that she agrees that he is most likely parasitic and that his why his bw came back the way it did with elevated levels plus due to him being a young growing dog. With proactive deworming he shall be fineI will bring in a fecal sample for testing after he finishes his next round of deworming in two weeks time. Once he is healed from his neuter(couple of weeks) and that I have more training put into BHRR’s Koop, he should be good to be placed up for adoption. NOTE that the training that is done at BHRR for all of our dogs does not exclude any of our approved homes from meeting the obedience clause they sign as part of their contract with BHRR. I am also microchipping him tonight when Sean arrives home.