We are just leaving from a very wonderful and special playdate visit with Dobie Doll aka BHRR’s Bambi Doll Reese!

Whether there is or is not an approved adoption in early 2014 is not what I take home with me today….that is secondary.

I take home an incredibly special puppy to many of us that has proven yet, again how ‘normal ‘ she really is!! What a great additional experience she had to help make her that much more of a well rounded and balanced sweetheart!

While our day at BHRR started off in one direction, we go home and heading into the New Year in the best direction possible – with amazing good and kind dogs, friends, family, supporters and believers our sides…..

Thank you to this home for opening up their doors to is this afternoon!! Thank you for so much in giving Dobie Doll an extremely great time! Us, humans too….

Happy New Year with such warm wishes from the BHRR and Boers Clan!!

May 2014 find all filled with warmth, happiness and a healthy home and heart with those they care about and vice versa!

AND do not drink and drive!!!