HERE is a wonderful blog post sent my way from the home that had a wonderful play visit with her on December 31st. THANK you to this lovely home for offering to do this!! 🙂

BHRR’s Reese’s First Visit

We were very happy (and a little nervous) for BHRR’s Reese first visit to our house.  First a little background- our house is a bungalow with the living room separate from the kitchen with multiple doors unlike Birch Haven that is more of an open concept layout.

BHRR’s Reese came in the door with Gwen and Kinsley into our porch which made her a little nervous.  It is very small so not many steps to be taken before you find a wall.

Once inside, BHRR’s Reese very quickly got busy making her map.  For the first visit, we limited the space to the living area, kitchen and a small part of the hallway.  She very quickly decided that she liked the kitchen best which, of course, had to be the one with the most obstacles.  It did not take her very long to maneuver her way around and figure out where everything was because, for BHRR’s Reese, there are no obstacles!!

Onto the living room which I had reorganized to create open floor space.  Not as many things to count around so she very quickly got that figured out except for one thing- my daughter had been seated on the floor in the middle of the room and then decided it might be better to be against the wall and moved.  BHRR’s Reese already had her located in her original spot and returned quite a few times wondering where that “thing” had gone.

BHRR’s Reese found a rope toy in the living room all on her own and got busy playing with it.  She also was comfortable enough to be relaxed with one of my children for a nice belly rub.

Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention- this was all done with various members of my canine crew present.  First, one at a time for the initial introduction and then with all three and BHRR’s Reese together.

All I can say is that it was absolutely amazing to watch.  Were there a few bumps along the way?- of course but most of the time BHRR’s Reese found things in front of her with her feet first.  This is one wonderful dog and it is very hard to believe in watching here that she cannot see.