AND, what night would be complete WITHOUT a HQD story with a new addition here….
You know you have been just waiting for another one of her! 😉
Well, when I arrived home with BHRR’s Angel Noelle, I placed her carefully into a large crate…and, went to grab a bit of water to also place in her crate.
As I was walking back to her crate, I saw HQD sitting in front of the crate and, well….you know by now, giving me ‘that look’…you know the kind…head tilted slightly to the side, and imagine if she could fold her front legs like arms, and, tapping a foot most impatiently at me….
AND, here goes my mind…’oh lord…what now….think, Gwennie..THINK…’ ‘What does Salma want?’!
AND, Sean is smiling for he is just happy NOT to be the object of her displeasure or disapproval…
AND, here I am all alone in the ‘stink eye’ of the storm of HQD…
As I get closer to the crate, very cautiously of course… ….I see that HQD has one of her blankets with her….
AND, lightbulb!! Well, I think I have the light bulb moment…
I say ‘oh, how sweet, YOU want me to give her one of your special blankets to use!’ ‘what a good girl’
AND, you know this is coming……the sigh..that big body sigh that ONLY HQD can do…”WRONG Gwennie..AGAIN” is what that sigh means….along with ‘HOW can this person be so dumb?”! :p
I then get it right…I realise that it is NOT me that she wants to put the blanket in the crate, it is HQD herself! WHY have I not yet realised that I am second rate to the best doctor, nurse, therapist EVER in HQD?!!!
I open the door and bow to the royalty of HQD and say ‘after you…’
With nary a glance my way, she strides right by me and walks into the crate, with blanket in tow and begins to tuck in BHRR’s Angel Noelle with it….yup, HQD to the rescue…again!
THEN, as I wait patiently for the blanket has to be JUST right around ‘her patient’, and, then to come back out…HQD then nestles her own body around BHRR’s Angel Noelle after she is all covered in to her satisfaction and gives me one last look of ‘contempt’ and closes her eyes….
I walked away and grabbed a tissue….LOVE BHRR’s Salma…gawd, HOW I love her…no matter how much of a boot camp she keeps me in…this dog is something magical…..very special and so many of us know it…
BHRR’s Angel Noelle, you could not have a BETTER beautiful canine angel in your corner…..
IF HQD says it is ‘so’, then it it is happening….
WELCOME TO BHRR little one…