WTG! He is a 5 year old IW(5 in August).

He is a bomb proof boy…he rocked the Pet Expo in November, the 10th and, not a dog, person that he did not get along with! He even loved the pot belly pig(gosh! Her name eludes me) and, loved plodding behind her! 🙂 He is a bomb proof boy.

He is housebroken, he is 100% trustworthy in the home, great in the car and has a LONG way with those seasonal allergies and food allergies.

He is down to 50 mgs of Pred EOD(Every other day) and is eating FROMM Salmon. He will eat the Whitefish yet, can be more picky. He has some wet mixed in of appropriate wet.

For a dog that had been fed human garbage, it was a bit of a struggle to get him to finally eat yet, we are there!

He can go to a home that works ft, pt, semi-retired, retired, works from home etc.

He can be the only dog in the home or with another like-minded dog. He should not be in a home with younger dogs – he is playful in his own way yet, is past all the puppy antics. I would love to see him in a home whereby there is another dog that shall continue to teach him to be a 'dog' and emerge more and more into the great dog he really is inside and coming out bit by bit!

He has great leash manners and you just have to ensure that 'he knows that you know that he knows he has manners' 😉

He knows sit and down and give a paw and give the other paw and turn around and stay and so much more! 🙂 Just a gem!|

He is the 18th, Irish Wolfhound that BHRR has assisted over the last year, 17 were purebreds and 1 mix, BHRR's Goliath.

BHRR has been rescuing, training and owning Irish Wolfhounds for almost 26 years now. We are the oldest established r/q group out there in our area that has been doing so. Sadly, this is a breed that we are starting to see some serious exploitation with, so please do EMAIL us, if you know of a Wolfie in need. Like all breeds, they are not meant for just anyone.

BHRR's Belfast – November 10th, 2013