He came to the PV Stittsville ‘THANKS FOR GIVING’ Event on October 12th and what a hoot! LOL Not a person or dog or creature he did not love on!

His nickname is not ‘trouble’ for nothing! 😉 He had no issues with the cats there yet, THAT is no guarantee that he is or is not going to be good with them moving forward. Integration is very important.

He will go to an experienced dog home only. He is good to go to a home that works ft, pt, from home and any home that adopts him must understand the important of positive reinforcement and patience, consistency.

He is a love bug yet, lots of energy and personality and style! There is not one mean bone in this dog’s body. He is the life of any party when he wants to be and a real house gem when needed….for the most part. He has come so far and just is going to make that right matched family, the best of additions. Older children – no less than 10 will be considered, should a home have kids.

Great in the car, crate trained, house broken and eyes that just are gorgeous!

He would do best in a home with another like minded dog.

AND, all that are considering this boy NEED to be aware that he has bad hips…..if he lays down on any smooth hardwood or slippery floors, he has a hard time getting his feet under him. He can almost ‘pull’ himself to a rug or more rough surface to be able to stand without slipping. We believe in full disclosure at BHRR.

The cold weather is going to be harder on him and, as he ages. He is on Glucosomine plus Chondroitin, and raw/eggs shells.

Yet, he runs and plays and roughhouses and, we believe in quality of life. I also give him some Deramaxx as needed. 100 mg’s SID

BHRR’s Treasue – November 2013