ISO: Does anyone know of any photo’s for charity coming up soon? As a couple are now aware, HQD’s Cancer has now begin to progress rapidly.
The emergency surgery that all of her supporters that stepped up to assist me/her when she arrived to BHRR and we discovered a MCT, the day she arrived back in February to give her more time….has given her time, yet, not as much as my heart wanted for her…the cancer was already in her lymph nodes by the time she arrived and, no specialist or Vet thought she would have a couple of weeks, let, alone 9 amazing months…..miracle M&M!!
She turned 9 years of age in April and had lived a very terrible life in an area barely bigger than her, kept outside, bred over and over and over again and upon her rescue, she could not even walk. She was one of two urgent Dogo’s that we took in.
She had an untreated penetration wound on her side that needed emergency surgical attention(had to be so painful for her and was infected) and, no one knew until she arrived safely, that she had another battle ahead of her….this MCT.
She has made so many of us laugh and smile and shake our heads in amazement and I have been the big brunt of her disapproval and cause of humour for many AND, I would do it again for another 9 months, 9 years or 90, if that were possible.
In the back of my mind, I knew this day would come and I knew that I would shatter and, we are reaching that time….far, faster over these last few days than ever….
This lovely Dogo has never had a XMAS, has never had a whole winter inside and was loved and cherished and I regret to say, that I am not going to be able to give that traditional awesome XMAS at BHRR.
That this beautiful dog endured so much in just shy of her 9 years of life before comimg to us, and to be this uber incredible dog that she is, is a true testament to how amazing of a dog she really is….
I wanted to bring her with me on December 14th for her Santa Paws Photo at PV Stittsville, yet, we will not make it….
So, does anyone know of a charity Photo shoot coming up imminently?
If not, I will commission someone to capture her life as it has become a REAL life of comforts and happiness plus enjoyment for her……AND, may I ask all those that are registered to attend our upcoming BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house; to spend a little extra time with her that day???
It would mean a lot….to me and to her….
I know she is one of our M&M’s and that she is a miracle yet, my heart hurts with another loss coming our way…..yet, I hurt mostly for HQD…..there will not be another spring or summer with grass between her toes, warm sunshine on he body, not more sunbathing and teaching me valuable lessons….I hurt for her so much….she deserved more, so much more….more couch time, and, treats and, love….oh, so much more loving and spoiling she should have has over the years….