BHRR’s Storm shall not be spayed on Wednesday the 20th of January now. She is officially beginning to go into heat, the spotting has begun tonight….sigh….NOT only did the Vet who did her HC before her transport yet our temp fosters Vet also felt back in mid-November(she was temp fostered with them for about 10 days) that BHRR’s Storm was coming out of heat then and perhaps she is cycling really fast(never heard of a Giant Breed cycling again so soon after having a heat) but the reality is that BHRR’s Storm is in heat at this time; so she is now safely sequestered from all dogs (BHRR’s Windsor to be neutered on Wednesday and BHRR’s Albert to arrive tomorrow and to be neutered when it is safe to do so) until her heat is over(just like we did with BHRR’s Gracie and BHRR’s Mazda when they arrived at BHRR already in heat) and she shall be spayed about 8 weeks from now. It will hold up placing her up for adoption yet it is what it is and sigh…..not our most favourite thing to deal with in Rescue and thank goodness we do not have it happen all that often. The last time was about 4 years ago(BHRR’s Mazda and BHRR’s Gracie, I believe) since our last experience with a heat at BHRR. Not something we missed! I had been saying to Sean and my one Vet that she was begining to look very mature and even our female Danes were showing some interest in ‘smelling’ her and thus, I had begun to move her away from the other dogs and sure enough, tonight; she began to spot and bleed. To have spayed her any earlier than when we were planning on doing; January 20th; was not in her best interest. She was way too thin and battling a bacterial infection. To my eyes, she is still a bit thinner than what I would have liked to have seen yet she is very slowly putting on the weight and had a good last bw result showing and so, we had felt comfortable as was our Vet in spaying her this upcoming Wednesday. Now, we get to wait…….