BHRR’s Storm’s bw came back with much improvement! YAY! Her WBC plus neutrophils are still slightly elevated yet so much better than they were. The Vet does not believe at this time that we should be putting her back on another course of antibiotics and there is still some confusion as to what ‘bacteria’ is causing this. Defnitely some ‘infection’ of some kind. She has been de-wormed on two courses of Panacur(both at her Foster home plus here) and she is on Sentinel. Her leg is completely normal looking, she is not limping and yet her weight gain is very slow. The Vet feels really good about her progress and after I obtain a new weight on her(She will always have slightly protuding hipbones due to her conformation); she is extremely comfortable in spaying her. So, I shall most likely bring her in next week, once I know my hospital shifts, get a new weight and go from there. Once she is spayed(there are no signs of any pregnancy at all); after her recovery of about 2 weeks; I shall place her up for adoption. I have added pictures #9-12 to her slideshow. #9 is from November 30th, 2009 and how BHRR’s Dana has ‘corrupted’ her and the proof is seeing Storm resting on our couch! LOL That is no longer an issue, at least not with Storm now.  😉 This Dane is an absolute dream to do nails on! BHRR’s Storm shall only go to a home that meets all of our adoption mandates, criteria and procedures. This includes having a fully fenced in yard; not being away from home more than 8-9 hours daily(unless there is someone coming in to walk etc.) and we do not adopt out to students, around Holidays nor to homes that are going to be travelling on holidays shortly or getting married soon. We would prefer to see BHRR’s Storm in a home with at least one other dog for she just thrives in a social network of both people and canines.

Below are two pictures of Storm from December 24th, 2009 in front of our XMAS tree. ISN’T she just divine?

BHRR’s Storm – December 24th, 2009