BHRR’s Albert is arriving on Sunday January 10th, 2010. I will be driving to get him on Sunday. He is from the recent relinguishing of dogs from a Puppy Mill in Quebec. We were contacted by the Western SPCA of Quebec to see if we would assist. He is estimated to be around 7(we will age him when he arrives) and had no name.  😥 THANKS so much Shawna for helping me come up with a name! As BHRR believes in rescuing the next one in need and it is not about gender, age, colour, health status; BHRR’s Albert is coming into the BHRR family! I have been told that he is a very light Brindle type of colour, so not sure if he is a Tiger Brindle or a Fawn Merle but we will find out! He will require lots of vetting including microchip and neutering. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!