UPDATE: BHRR's Reese's VonWillebrands testing came back NEGATIVE! YAY! So, her spay is a still a 'go' for October 24th and from there, after about 3 weeks, she can be placed up for adoption!!! YES!! OMG! I am so happy for her!!!

BHRR's Reese ROCKED our recent annual "DINE WITH THE BHRR Animals' Event! She proved to all attendees that she is as 'normal' as every other dog out there….So many could not believe that she is blind, hearing impaired plus has neuro issues. SHE BLEW so many misconceptions out of the water….

This below is a photo of BHRR's Reese when I met BHRR approved Volunteer Karen the day of her transport. It is from July 13th, 2013. I like to think that she is THANKING Karen for helping her!


Reese's Rescue Angels: $28.00 Donated To Date & Bills: $3,497.67
Caren – $18.00 which is Chai (life) – in memory of Garth, a wonderful doberman that passed away