BHRR's Zara – October 1st, 2013
I think someone is still exhausted after the BHRR 'DINE WITH THE DOGGIES' Fundraiser on Saturday!
**She came out with BHRR's Titus once most of the guests had left AND we had moved all the tables AND she was AWESOME!
She was going up to people – she liked Joanne and Rachel a lot and would stand for pats and wag her tail and was not brutally terrified! She would not allow too much petting and loving, only gentle touches BUT she made my heart just float!
She has a LONG LONG LONG way to go BUT the distance she has traveled since she first arrived on June 22nd, is ENORMOUS!
AND, she is most certainly figuring out the masterbed of love and snuggles! I was ready to put the light out at 4 AM today AND she climbed up and well, what she needs, she is going to get! WHAT is sleep?!!!! NOTHING compared to her and what she needs!

AND: Feedback from those at the Dinner Event:

1) "What a huge difference TLC and BHRR can make on a once terrified and untrusting dog. She has certainly come out of her funk, which is huge! Though she wasn't completely comfortable, it will come in time. As I say to my patients who are so eager to leave "We cannot run before we can walk." One step at a time" –  Rachel Ng

2) "I was so thrilled when she came up for a pet" – Suzanne Desjardins

3) "Thank you Zara for trusting me enough to let me love on you, even briefly, you are doing amazing baby girl!" – Joanne Guerard

BHRR's Zara – October 1st, 2013