AND, my inspirational post for today! IT IS all about BHRR's Dobie Doll BHRR's Reese – our blind, hearing impaired & neuro adorable BAMBI Baby!

As has been posted previously, she has been getting her water with her food as her tongue positioning is not quite where the normal would be.

Well, I have been working with her with small bits of peanut butter and other yummies, to get her to reach out her tongue for her to become aware of her tongue more and to get her comfortable with the motion and building up some strength…..

WELL, as of a last night, she is going to the water bowl(she knows where it is AND will even paw it if she finds it empty – she uses her foot as a visually impaired person will use their own finger or thumb to 'test' how high the level of fluid is in a cup etc.) and lapping up some water. It is still quite awkward for her yet, she is 'getting the concept' and while she is still fed water mixed in with her Performatrin canned and now some kibble(YAY!), she is actually able to consume some water with her tongue on its own.

THIS girl is BRILL! Just BRILL! I just have to keep 'listening' and work on being the best assistant for her to guide her along this journey to a great future!

She is a HECK of a lot more normal than so many gave her credit for!

She makes me smile BIG everyday! SHE makes a bad day turn into a GREAT one!