UPDATE: With deep regret, this is not the right matched home for our Hobbit. HE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AGAIN!

A really good home for some lucky dog out there though! Sonyia and I provided several other r/q groups to try once, they are ready.

While he is not a giant, he is too big for them plus their lovely cute smaller home and he is still growing (once, they had the actual visual, they could see) and their fencing needs some work (to adopt from anywhere ) and so, they will be trying to possibly address.

They loved him, gosh, they loved him, so much about him – temperament, manners, looks etc., and he was quite comfortable – even jumped up on their bed! – in their home yet, the decision to not adopt him was mutual between all of us and I know that right matched dog is out there for them!!

Without knowing just where BHRR's Bilbo will stop in the growing department, their ages, his own age and their fencing right now plus another area of their yard, he just is not the right matched dog.

Thank you Sonyia for coming to do this with me, your eyes and knowledgeable input and helping!!! Thank you Mason and thank you to this home for giving my Hobbit another great experience!!

Video and some photos' below


He had only one puke on the way down AND that was because he managed to 'sneak' in some breaky of another dog and he puked it up before we even hit the 401. After that, he had a great trip!!! He is a great travel buddy! 🙂 What works best of him when driving anywhere is a late lunch the day before you go and no supper and go on the road first thing the next AM. HE is an absolute perfect car companion then! 🙂

One of the photo's below is of a string of drool which is amazing AS he is not a big drooly kind of boy BUT, when I stopped in Kingston on the way home to buy my son some late lunch, he saw the seagulls and was so fascinated by them! He sat still as a statue and stared and drooled! LOL

The Hobbit – BHRR's Bilbo – September 8th, 2013