BHRR's Kaden – August 30th, 2013
*He is still quite nervous of strangers BUT he shows curiosity and if the stranger passively ignore him, he will come right up to them and if they drop their hand down quietly, *IF* they are lucky, he will nudge it gently….

There is NOT much I cannot do to him(HE gives me the BEST of kisses/nuzzles!) and when it came time to do his vaccines, the Vet had me do them for there was no way, he was letting anyone else near his rump….he is just so scared of strangers around his butt and still a bit around his head and this is going to be a long journey for him….BUT, he is better than he was and when he is 'ready', he will let me know…no rush…never any rush!

He has to be ONE of the softest dog that I have ever touched…he rivals BHRR's Amazing Gracie in that regards! OMG! He is so soft…….AND, the weight plus muscle mass that he has put on!! WOW!

AND, when he came up on the bed in this video and snuggled, I was not going to turn him away, EVEN if I had been up almost 24 hours straight…whatever he needs, he is going to get! 🙂

He made my voice choke up, when he did so…..