What I posted on our BHRR FB page to one of the transporters(also an approved BHRR Volunteer) re: BHRR's Zara:

I am so happy many were witness to her arrival and then to the beginning of her own wonderful journey with me. Today, I am cleaning her eyes, working on that counter surfing 'bug' she clearly has, touching and petting and gosh, to watch this little lady run…..what a delight! Got another video today with her with the other dogs. She is now fully integrated and sigh…..I think she has taken all four paws and soundly planted them in my heart!!

Below are four videos, two of which, I took of her around 2 AM after her arrival. The other two are in our fenced in yard on the 23rd.

IMG_3691 – VIDEO #1
IMG_3692 – VIDEO #2
IMG_3693 – VIDEO #3
IMG_3694 – VIDEO #4

AND, here is a post made on our BHRR FB page, from one of the attendees – Andrea – of our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House on the 22nd, who also is an approved BHRR Volunteer:

"Watching you interact with little Miss Zara and seeing the progress you gained in only minutes was truly a lesson."