On Sunday June 16th, BHRR's Bobby came with us to Take The Plunge Ottawa – sadly, the event was rained out by 1 PM AND yet, it did give me another opportunity to observe and witness new behavours from him.

IF he was NOT allowed to visit a dog (sometimes) a person on 'his' terms, he would bark and wag his tail. This one BC really did not like him and the more that BC snarled and lunged, the more BHRR's Bobby play bowed and wagged his tail and barked. I sometimes think BHRR's Bobby 'thinks' he is a Golden Retriever…. 😉 AND, he LOVED all the water! LOL

The same when we were back at our booth. By the time, we left, he was much more settled and the work began to 'teach' him that not all is on his terms and that inappropriate behavours will not be rewarded.

He LOVED all kids he met too! OMG! HE LOVED them! The Hobbits came with me this day too and BOTH of them just rocked it! THEY are so amazing!!! So far they have traveled themselves!