On May 23rd at 3:20 AM, I emailed a wonderful soul who has been so great to work with to help pull the legs of transports together.

Arrangements then were worked on to get BHRR's Kaden to BHRR for the 1st of June.

At 12:37 PM on May 23rd, I received the following:

"How are these of Hobo. I treated him with reverlution and wormed him with strongid T.He is eating well and being and easy guy to have around. He is not shy just does not understand why you would want to give him affection. It seems very new to him but zero aggression toward people or dogs. Thanks 


It is very hard to capture the emaciation on this boy. Some coat colours and patterns are much harder to capture. He is very skinny. Weight about 95 pounds or so.

Photos are from the angels that worked so hard for 7 days to catch him.

hobo top (Medium)
hobo side (Medium)
May 23rd, 2013