On May 24th, 2013 @ 11:40 AM, I received the following request:

Hi there

I'm contacting you in hopes that you may be able to help us place a 6-7month old female Neopolitan Mastiff X Great Dane puppy that was purchased from rural farm and within 24 hrs was surrendered to the shelter for biting ( minor)  the new owners. She will also likely require surgery for her eyes as it appears as she grows she is developing entropion.
To be fair, this pup has never been socialized off of her rural property and was purchased by very inexperienced people who did not know how to handle a scared dog. She has passed her behaviour assessment and has made tremendous progress here at the shelter but is still nervous of new people and new situation.
Because of her breed typing and potential size we are unable to place her up for adoption as the chances of us finding a suitable home in urban oakville are slim. We are also facing a critical lack of space and I worry that if we cannot place her with rescue group, she has no chance of making it here. 

Any help would be so very much appreciated. I've attached a few pictures as well. 

Kind Regards


On May 24th @ 8:35 PM, I responded with:


BHRR would love to assist yet, we would not be able to until mid-June at the earliest. We would be looking at around the weekend of June 20th.

We need to have more adoptions in our program before we can commit to a new addition to our program. 

Just a question, was skin broken on that bite?

Please do advise at your convenience if BHRR can help as of mid-June. 

Yours most truly, 

Bailey Boo Boo 1 Bailey3
I am calling her BHRR's Zara – *Photo's courtesy of the shelter when she was with them – I see more 'Rottie' than Dane