BHRR's Titus wishes to say that he is doing well!

I can well believe that he is closer to 10 years of age over 8 now that he is here.

His poor body, those elbows and hips…….

He has the cutest 'wee' Neo head, gorgeous frosting of white and the most expressive eyes and he can well afford to gain some much needed weight…..we will get there….

His eyes just speak volumes and he is bonding fast and as I type, he keeps nudging my arm for more cuddles and loving and so, this post is going to take 5 minutes if not longer to make AS he is so irresistible!

I look forward to our friends plus family having the joy of getting to meet him and I am hoping that we can provide him some relief from all his medical issues with CWW etc.

At this time, we have not determined if he is a Haven Dog or not, he is in rough shape, yet, we shall see what his Vet visits and exams will bring to help us make the best decision for him.

I am sooooooo relieved to have him here….it was hard not being able to help him when we were first contacted to assist in early April and then when we could, OMG! I was sooooooooo happy!!!!

He is home now…where he is meant to be…..I will rest easy for the first time in many many many weeks…..

Photos coming soon!