THINKING of Getting a GD Puppy/Dog?

As someone that has been owned and has worked with and rescued Danes for the past almost 30 years plus has been showing them since 2006; I always impart the following:

I always tell people begin to develop that relationship first and in time; all your researching, patience, and efforts now will give you the best results of having that wonderful companion Great Dane puppy that you are seeking come to light. There are far too many people seeking the ‘now’ puppy and if bybers, puppymills etc. are supported, it only perpetuates the cycle of more puppies being bred and born for ‘greed’ money and not for the breeds best interest.

ONLY one of my Great Danes(a show boy, and a Multi CH.) is from Canada and he is also from the province of Ontario. His Breeders have had one litter in his just shy of 6 years. Do not limit yourself to one area of ‘looking’ is one of my recommendations.

I strongly believe that as someone dedicated to animal welfare; I can do my part in assisting plus working together with reputable/quality/responsible Breeders to ‘preserve’ the Great Dane Breed standard by showing/handling/competing with the dogs to various titles and thereby also gaining added confirmation of true temperament plus conformation of Breed Standards. A favourite quote of mine is ‘doing it the right way, not the easy way.’

Pet/Companion or Show, all puppies in any litter from quality Breeders are bred for health, temperament, conformation and longevity. Breeders are not only breeding to preserve the breed that we love so much yet are constantly out there working to improve their own lines.

I also feel that just because a Great Dane earns his/her Championship is no reason to be bred. I also believe that any animal that might ever be considered to be bred must earn not just one Championship Title yet must earn titles at both ends of their names to best be proven in the pillars of the Great Dane Standard as I term it. Those pillars are Conformation and Temperament plus the added pillars required are Health testing and breeding for Longevity. Equally important is breeding per the Colour Code of Ethics.

Showing is such a great networking tool and the Great Dane world is truly much smaller than many might think. Being a responsible/quality Breeder is so much more than just putting two dogs together to have puppies. Breeding should be taken very seriously.

Reputable/Quality Show Breeders breed to not only preserve the Great Dane standard yet they are constantly working hard at improving their own lines. They will stand by their dogs, be a resource 24/7 and take any of their dogs back should a home not be able to keep them.

You should choose your ‘colour’ and go to shows – hard due to the pandemic right now for sure, develop that relationship etc. as posted above and then be patient.

AND do remember that just because a breeder dabbles in showing, does NOT make them r/q. OR just because they are CAN KC or AKC registered does NOT make them r/q either. AND r/q Breeders do not breed often and many do NOT even have websites yet, have long waiting lists for their dogs.

I have created an educational/community education blog on our rescue site on this topic and it is in below called the ‘Marmaduke Effect’ with lots of information to be found there.

Contacting a rescue to adopt a Great Dane is also a great option too!