AND…just to top off a lovely Tuesday night – besides the Sens just tying the game up… HOW about a BHRR's Salma story!

You know that you cannot wait….so, grab your fav beverage, popcorn, chips, peanuts or granola bar and enjoy!

This AM, as I am typing away, I feel a plunk at my feet…I look down and there is a water bowl….

Now, I learned… That a dropped water pitcher at my feet means the water bowl is empty and I must fill it up for HQD.

So, what does a dropped water bowl at my feet mean?….so, I push back my chair, pick up the bowl and go from the sunroom to the fireplace tile where we have the two enormous water bowls and I look down.

The one I have in my hand is clearly empty…the other is about half full and I look over and HQD is sitting….that wonderful sit that she has perfected and is just watching me….time begins to tick away…one second, two….and I am thinking…I am thinking!

Then, I decide to fill up the bowl I have with fresh water and I put it down as I know that I am not fully 'clicking' yet, she brought me a water bowl and there was no water in it. I also noted that the towels around the bowls are very wet.

So, I am thinking, hmmmmmm, did she tip the bowl deliberately and if she did….why?!!!?

I put down the fresh bowl of water and she gets up to go over to drink from it and dear sweet BHRR's Cancun gets in there first along with BHRR's Windsor and BHRR's Maverick. She then sits and waits….when the boyz are done, she gets up and goes over and the bowl is about half full still and she sticks out a paw and flips the bowl…water everywhere….she, then picks up the bowl and drops it at my feet.

I then look back over to the other bowl and….light-bulb!!! There is some drool in the bowl and she is expressing her displeasure that it was not fresh just for her.

We freshen up the water ALL the time, and, clearly, I was not doing this fast enough today and she was NOT drinking from a bowl that had drool in it….

We have other dogs that refuse to drink from bowls that may have some drool into it BUT they have never deliberately tipped the bowl and brought the bowl to me!

To test this theory, I observed and watched over the next few hours and yup, if she wanted water and if it was even remotely 'icky' in her mind, she would flip the bowl and pick it up and bring it over to me….

So, this story goes nicely with the photo I posted of Lion King BHRR's Pumbaa!

I am going through a lot of loads of towels to wash for our inside water bowls. I put many on the deck outside for the dogs in this weather when they want to go out for a bit and do not mind her flipping those…

So, we are being even more diligent about the bowls inside JUST for her!

GOTTA love Salma! I know I do!