Asking for best wishes, healing thoughts and safe surgery to BHRR's Abby.

She is in for an emergency pexy @ KAH after having a gas bloat.

Huge thumbs up and kudos to Sean who noticed her not being quite normal. He called me – I was only about 5 min. from home). He then gave her GasX. She did not tort. Thank god!!

My post is not to ask for donations to her bills( the supporters of BHRR have been more than generous and giving in their strong belief in what is done at BHRR). My post is to please ask that you send her all the positive energy and karma you can. We can carry a balance at KAH, though our bills are already steep, we do have our first organised Fundraiser of 2013 coming up next month and that will aid us.

Our success rate in catching bloat and tort early is fantastic. The survival rate has not been as wonderful and we are still working through all the grief and terrible emotional trauma of losing BHRR's Dana complications post bloat/tort.

If everyone could please surround her in your thoughts and warmth today, that would give her strength. Sean and I is too.

Thank you on behalf of BHRR's Abby and all her friends plus Sean/I at BHRR…..