BHRR's Freddy is READY he said and he is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

He cannot go to a home with cats. He has not proven reliable with them. I also do not feel comfortable placing him in a home with dogs under the size of about 50 pounds. We own a 9.5 pound dog and he is very 'interested' in him. Better than he was…yet, still very interested…..

As per the videos posted clearly show, he gets along wonderfully with dogs and he has not yet met a person that he does not love! 🙂

He can go to a home that works full time, part time, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. He is another versatlie dog!

He WILL NOT go to a home that is not very dog experienced. While I would love a Dog experienced home, not going to be mandatory as he should thrive in a wonderful dog experienced/savvy home. He is a Dogo at the end of the day and has thrived in his obedience with me and is very eager to please and has completely blossomed with the positive structure of consistency, routine, patience, understanding and obedience.

He is not a 'rare' dog, he is not a status sympbol, he is not a guard dog, he is not anything other than a very loving sweet dog that is going to be a true gift to that right matched home.

This boy has lived his whole life in hell. AND I mean hell. He was one of 33 dogs – all were able to be rescued other than about 9-10 – and that breaks the hearts of all that were involved in their rescue. 18 were Bostons and the rest were Dogo's.

His tail had become broken somehow and never treated and now three inches has been removed. He never knew a loving hand, kind word or spoiling dog bed until his rescue.

THIS boy's temperament is HEAVEN! Just heaven!

YET, being a dogo HE is not meant for just any home. AND we shall be as cautious with his adoption as we are with all our dogs.

He no longer marks in the house and is 100% trustworthy in that manner.

I still crate him if I am gone longer than 1/2 hour or so as we are still working up to full house trust….. 🙂 He will get there! 🙂

THERE is not one mean bone in his body.

He would excel in obedience and he is a dog that needs a 'job'.

He will not go to a home with children UNDER the age of 10. AND he will not go to a home that has more than two children.

February 18th, 2013