BHRR's Salma Lesson #3 just hot off the presses!! AND most exciting and wonderful of all is that *I* was not the recipient of said lesson!! Yippee!!

AND so soon after Lesson #2!! :)- She is throwing it all out there, this one!

I figured out within the first night of her arrival how best that BHRR's Salma probably would like to sleep. She always appeared to be 'nesting' and making mountains of her blankets and then sleeping in the middle to feel safe and cozy. She was often then sleeping on the bottom tray/wood of the crate by doing this, having bunched everything up around her.

So, I was sooooooooo thrilled and touched when some donations of comfort came her way and it was like they had read my mind and knew exactly what BHRR's Salma would love! I had never said a word….angels all of you are!!

One of the items donated was a handmade quilt and another was a dog bed that has the raised sides. I put her special blanket folded on the dog bed and she loves it! She will now splay out on her side like the queen she is and sleep deep and sound and snuggly warm and safe within her blanket on her bed. 😉

OK…now that the background has been layed for this Lesson…..moving onwards….

I was feeding the kids and I look over and I see BHRR's Salma dragging her dog bed to where Sean was sitting. I had an instant lightbulb moment!! I had a flash of 'I got it! I got it! I know what she wants.' then a moment of 'Darn! I am not involved in this lesson – maybe, she already knows I know for I set all up for her originally and make sure every night, all is in order for her comfort and satisfaction.' and then I thought 'ohhhh, this is going to be great for Sean has been razzing me bigtime over the first two *lessons*. :)-

BHRR's Salma makes a big show and production out of dragging her bed over to Sean. Many dramatic pauses, some sighs for maximum effect I am sure and I am feeling the anticipation build up!!

Sean is like 'Gwen, look…she wants to lay near me. How sweet of her to try and drag her bed my way.' I shook my head and said 'Sorry, Sean, do not think that is it.'

Sean says 'of course it is! Look at her…I am going to help her'

Sean gets up, takes her bed and moves it right near him as he is finishing up his own meal. Being an outsider watching in can bring much insight and smiles!! 😉

If her look could stop someone in their tracks, it would have!! She was not impressed!!

Sean is asking what is wrong and I just shake my head and shrug my shoulders….trying hard not to smile.

Sean then moves her bed around to several spots and BHRR's Salma just follows him and then sits and stares at him.

Sean says he gives up and feels helpless.

BHRR's Salma then walks over to where Bleach was laying and then sits again.

Sean says he is still sorry, yet, he does not understand and I told him that Bleach has her special quilt that goes with her bed and that I guess Bleach had taken the quilt off her bed and was laying on it. AND that she wants the quilt back on her bed!! Wahoo!! I got it!! I got it!!

She was trying to show Sean that her bed was missing her blanket!!

I took her bed and gently removed Bleach from her blanket and set all up for her back in her open crate.

She went over, turned her back to us and promptly then went to take a nap!!

BHRR's Salma is IN THE HOUSE! Raising the roof, she is!! 🙂