I managed to locate BHRR’s Banzai’s(3.5 years old) legal owner yesterday. We have had him since August 15th & finally another person filed a missing report with the OHS on the 25th. BHRR bent over backwards trying to locate a possible owner for at one time, you could tell someone really loved this boy. After a very long day, I have confirmed who the Legal owner per the Breeder’s contract is(found out who the Breeder is too) & returned him to the legal owner. As mentioned to all involved – her, her ex and the Breeder, our position on this boy has been made very clear. Many a shelter/pound would have put him to sleep and we are well aware of where we could have stood on the matter legally. He apparently went missing on August 14th and so, he was picked up and sent to us a day later. A dog does not get in the condition he was in just one day of being on the road. :(The ‘grateful’ legal owner donated $30.00 towards his $1,000+ medical bills in our efforts to get him back to being healthy again. We did bw including a HWT, altered, microchipped, administered subq fluids, put him on Sentinel, exams with two different Vets, X-Rays, gave rabies just to name some of the procedures per our mandates/protocol at BHRR to ensure the wellbeing of any animal that comes into our programs. As many know, this whole situation just did not sit well with us here at BHRR from day one. I also discussed with the Breeder about the microchips they are using, that this boy was unneutered when he arrived(he was sold on a limited registration as a pup and now is 3.5 years old), had an undescended testicle(could have proven very dangerous to his health), his body condition including nails(plus emailed her pictures and sent a copy of his Vetting and our microchip search efforts – her Microchip traces back to a UK registry, not the CKC and there is no registration information documented in that microchip # file) and how we were unable to trace him back to the Breeders nor Legal Owner.

I wish him all the best and we shall miss him. He was very sweet and gentle plus kind. We had him only for 12 days yet he made an impact on our hearts.