My Friday 'story'! 🙂

Just before I head off to do a hv for BHRR's Cosette, I thought to share a story….one, that if I had not seen myself, I would have wondering…what the heck? 🙂

Once upon a time….

OK….I will skip that part!

As I am typing on my computer, trying to get BHRR's Bishop's blog utd and I hear this 'crash' in the kitchen….

I am thinking BHRR's Cherry is trying to counter surf or BHRR's Dozer is seeking to locate paper towel rolls…yet, when I go, I see nothing other than a pitcher that Kinsley likes to use to help fill the two doggie water bowls.

I think…'hmmm, must have fallen' and go back to my computer.

A few moments later, I hear 'crash' again…..I get up and see the same pitcher on the floor and BHRR's Salma looking at me and I still am not seeing any connection of the dots and pick up the pitcher and go back to my computer.

Well, this time, when I heard the 'crash', it was at my feet…BHRR's Salma had gone to the kitchen, snagged the water pitcher and as "I" was not getting her message clear enough the first two times, she brought it to me and dropped it at my side while I was at the computer in the sunroom.

She then sat and looked at me and I was like, 'WOW, you are something else' and the light bulb clicked in….I walked over to the water bowls and sure enough, both were empty…..AND all these dogs were just sitting by the bowls waiting patiently.

There is so much that reminds me of this gem of dear sweet BHRR's Dana and she has stepped into my home from Day 1, as I knew she would, being the matriach and the dogs naturally follow her…..

IF she figures out the ice cube maker, I think I may just faint! 🙂

So, not only is this girl uber cute and stunning, but, man, is she smart! I never try to underestimate a dog and I knew she was brill and she has not proven me wrong yet!

LOVING this time with her! LOVING it! 🙂

AND yes, the dogs got their water! LOL